When Looking Turns to Lusting

These Victoria Secret models come into our home quite frequently without invitation. They parade around the television screen in skimpy, revealing bras and panties looking right into the eyes of my husband.

Hubby and I have very open conversations about the temptations men experience and the thin line between looking and lusting. I use to get upset when he looked at other women, but years of his 'looking' allowed me to realize this is what men do and there is no escaping it.
When looking turns to lust and lusting turns into masturbation is when the serious problem arises. If a man says he doesn't struggle with desires to look at beautiful, sexy women, he is not telling the truth (my opinion). I was convinced of this by my father, hubby, and the book, Every Man's Challenge. Did you read the title correctly? It says EVERY man's challenge - yes, your man too.

A wife once told me her husband didn't have this struggle. "Great!" I said, and walked away thinking how deceived and ignorant she was to her husband being a man. Maybe she was in denial or maybe her husband is gay, but I WANT my husband to look at other women. It's when looking turns to lust is when the problem begins.

Hubby mentioned how women are constantly thrown in front of men while they simply try to enjoy a televised sporting event or a good movie. The commercial begins and there she is...licking her fingers while eating a hamburger, lotioning her long legs, washing her hair while moaning, or if they're lucky, the Victoria Secret girls will make an appearance.

Men struggle constantly with uninvited reminders of their strong, sexual desires. I believe it's my role as hubby's helper to help him with this issue. How did I help hubby? I purchased the book, Every Man's Challenge and read it myself. I then gave it to hubby. It took him months and months to pick the book up and read it, but he did - finally. Does he still struggle? Of course, but he knows what to do when those thoughts come. He's more aware and so am I.

More on this topic coming!


Spirit Filled said...

LOL!!! I have to share a story. My hubby and I often discuss this issue...when does a look turn to lust. And "we" decided, it turns to lust when you recogined the attration the first look and you take another look.

Now, my hubby and I have been separated for 6 weeks now (soon to be reunited...yea!!!), one day last week, we met at a hotel, to have our "physical needs met". Now I had not seen him in 4 weeks. When I pull up to the hotel, I see a tall, dark and handsome man strolling away from the hotel. I notice the "attraction" and I turn my head, saying to myself..."I know my hubby is in one of these windows and he is going to SWEAR I was looking at this man. The closer I got to the gentleman, I realize "IT WAS MY HUSBAND!!!!" Then I was happily relieved I could continue my look to lust : )

btw...as i said, it had been 4 weeks since I saw him. I was expecting him to have on his work clothes and need a shave. But...he was looking super-duper-dduper sexy!!!!!

Unknown said...

what do you do when your husband watch pornography and probably masturbates? (i dont have proof that he masturbates) but i think its a probability since he watches porn.