Do You Know The Red Flags?

In the previous post, I mentioned giving "Every Man's Challenge" to my husband to read and how it took him months to pick it up and actually read it. What man wants to stop lusting, masturbating, and viewing porn? Well, I believe most do, but studies show that 83% of men will do anything to avoid dealing with problems in their marriages (Every Man's Challenge).

A wife can desperately pray for her husband to change and express her desires to him for years and years while he shows little to no response to her desires. He's got to make up his mind to live a life of sexual purity. Every Man's Challenge is spiritually based, yet not only for married men - single men and even women can benefit also. It not only deals with sexual battles, but many more. Reading the book helped me tremendously.

Below are Red Flags mentioned in the book that help to know if you or your spouse is dealing with sexual immorality. I added all italicized words.

  • Do you daydream about other women/men?

  • Are you finding your wife/husband to be less sexually satisfying?

  • When making love to your wife/husband, does another face flash across your mind?

  • Do you flirt - and know you're doing it?

  • Have you told your wife that she is too overweight to turn you on?

  • Do you have sexual interests or behaviors that you can't share with your wife/husband?

  • Do you communicate deeply with a person of the opposite sex in an Internet chat room?

  • Do you channel-surf hoping to glimpse something racy on television? Do you catch yourself watching voyeuristic shows like elimiDate?

  • Do you watch women's figure skating or women's beach volleyball on television, although you have little interest in these sports? Hmmm....

  • Do you turn on exercise shows just so you can enjoy those closeups of participants' breasts, rear ends, and inner thighs?

  • Do you rent videos or go to the movies where you can watch other people having sex?

  • Do you think about old girlfriends/boyfriends when things aren't going so well at home?

  • Do you dream about hot scenes with other women/men at night?

There were more red flags on the list, but I'm sure you get the idea.

Some may disagree with the list or think it's downright ridiculous, but as for hubby and I - our standards are high in the area of respect for one another in our marriage. We've been down this road of sexual immorality in our marriage and trust me, sexual purity in marriage is another world we both enjoy and benefit from.

Your marriage may be more lenient as to what is allowed. As I've stated before, find what works best for your marriage and make it work, but you can't say you didn't know what some of the red flags were!

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